Find locally-owned businesses that care about the planet and our community.

Bullfrog Power grows in leaps and bounds

Around 250 unique businesses in Calgary, many of which are REAP businesses, choose Bullfrog Power's green energy. Gary believes it’s important for Bullfrog to represent local businesses because “it’s business that really has the power to affect change in the energy landscape and climate.” View full blog post

Creating a Vibrant future for all Calgarians

Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) is a non-profit organization working to end poverty in our city, and is the presenting sponsor for the Empowering Communities Leader award at this year’s Be Local Awards. VCC speaks out on matters that can affect a reduction in poverty in our city. View full blog post

Helping Calgary’s Economy Thrive

Thrive is proud to be presenting the award for Community Economy Leader as part of this year’s Be Local Awards. The award sponsorship, and Thrive’s partnership with REAP generally, is part of the network’s mandate to contribute to an economy that “works better for more people”. View full blog post

Announcing the 2014 Be Local Award Winners!

Over the past year, we’ve been asking you to show support for your favourite REAP businesses and non-profits by voting for them on our website. Over 32,000 votes have been logged and the final tally is in. View full blog post

Thank you REAP bloggers!

REAP businesses and non-profits are involved in so many amazing initiatives that make Calgary more vibrant. Most of these initiatives would remain a secret to the average citizen if we weren’t here to help tell the stories through our blog, daily emails, and social media. View full blog post