Find locally-owned businesses that care about the planet and our community.

Change happens forward and backward

In my last article I talked about some changes I’ve witnessed over the past decade. It’s exciting, but it’s still not fast. View full blog post

Bringing people together to break (flat) bread

The Village Flatbread Co. isn’t your average pizzeria. It aims to serve great tasting food that’s local, seasonal and organic, while promoting healthy eating and food justice. It has removed as many barriers as possible, so that Calgarians may come together to break bread and build community. View full blog post

Humans as nature

Recent research indicates that Western cultures are increasingly disconnected from nature. Enter the relative newcomer to the sustainability scene: Ecopsychology. At the core, ecopsychology acknowledges that humans and nature are interdependent. View full blog post

How access to local producers builds community

The Bridgeland Riverside Farmer’s Market was created by the community, for the community. Launched in 2014, the Bridgeland Riverside Farmer’s Market is run primarily by volunteers. They call Bridgeland home and are passionate about increasing access to local food in their community. View full blog post