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Things we love about Yellow Door Bistro

Yellow Door Bistro has got to be one of Calgary’s coolest restaurants! Here are a few things we love about it... View full blog post

Green Knight Environmental boosts business sustainability

Green Knight Environmental Inc. offers a unique service to help businesses of all kinds and sizes decrease their environmental impact while improving their bottom line. Here’s how it works... View full blog post

Delicately Local

If a vegetable has ever struck you as enchanting and delicate, it was probably a microgreen. Hillhurst Microfarms grows microgreens and other heirloom produce right in Calgary’s inner city. All its produce is grown from organic seed and without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. View full blog post

Building Communiiity in Calgary

Why does community matter? For Roii Patterson, Founder of Communiiity – a skill-sharing hub – it’s what enables us to create a vibrant place where people can earn sustainable livelihoods and benefit from caring networks of support. View full blog post