Find locally-owned businesses that care about the planet and our community.

Delicately Local

If a vegetable has ever struck you as enchanting and delicate, it was probably a microgreen. Hillhurst Microfarms grows microgreens and other heirloom produce right in Calgary’s inner city. All its produce is grown from organic seed and without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. View full blog post

Building Communiiity in Calgary

Why does community matter? For Roii Patterson, Founder of Communiiity – a skill-sharing hub – it’s what enables us to create a vibrant place where people can earn sustainable livelihoods and benefit from caring networks of support. View full blog post

Make a Move and Make a Dfference

Thinking about buying or selling real estate now or in the future? Know someone else who might be? The first step is always finding a great agent. Thanks to Tracey & Duane Wood – co-founders of Agents of Change – there’s a better way to do that. View full blog post

Get soft water without being hard on the earth

Do you have a water softener in your home to combat the ill effects of hard water? Do you know if it’s a conventional salt-based water softener? Unfortunately, discharge from salt-based water softeners isn’t so great if it ends up in the environment. View full blog post