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Can the way we dress cause environmental stress?

Whether or not you give much thought to your wardrobe, clothing is a huge part of our everyday lives.In fact, it’s all too easy to start taking our clothing for granted, making new purchases without thinking twice. There are, however, some important things to consider concerning our clothes... View full blog post

Three tips for mastering the art of thrift shopping

Looking for ways to re-vamp your wardrobe for spring? Thrift shopping is an often under-rated, sustainable and fun way to go. There are some wonderfully unique items just waiting to be found. Here are some tips to help you score at the thrift store... View full blog post

Ruby Ellen Designs creates the dress of your dreams

Ruby Johnson is the lovely and talented fashion designer behind Ruby Ellen Designs, a design studio that specializes in creating custom dresses for women’s special occasions. View full blog post

Influence the Future of Cycling in Calgary

Many people agree that cycling is a great way to keep our bodies healthy, and reduce our transportation’s environmental impact. Unfortunately, many cities are built for the convenience of cars, and not for pedestrians or cyclists. Presently, Calgary is one such city. View full blog post

Ethical flowers show you truly care

Willow & Whimsy floral boutique opened just a few months ago on a charming street in Bridgeland, just moments from Calgary’s downtown core. Willow & Whimsy is proud to be Calgary’s first 100% ethically sourced flower shop. All thanks to owner and creator Jessica Fremont’s vision for flowers with an ethical twist. View full blog post