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How Calgary Farmers’ Market Creates Local Sustainability

Calgary Farmers’ Market has a long and vibrant history in Calgary. Many don’t realize that the Calgary Farmers’ Market located just off of Blackfoot Trail and Heritage Drive is the same market that was in the Currie Barracks until 2011. View full blog post

An update on the world (of paint…)

I was talking to the guy from the recycled paint company. I’ve always loved the idea of recycled paint, but we’ve never sold it in our store. View full blog post

Place2Give Helps You Help Others

Place2Give is all about making giving easy. Its mission is to help donors find the perfect charities to support, through matching charities' visions to people’s passions. View full blog post

A Home for All Your Unwanted Items

Spring is here! And with it spring cleaning. Time to weed out your closets, cupboards, and the dusty corners of your basement to figure out what stays and what goes. View full blog post