Games To Avoid

There are many games at the casino that have too high a house edge that you simply do not have a chance at winning. There is always a little chance, sure, but it is never based on strategy and wholly based on luck, so much so that they should be avoided. So here are three games that you should most certainly avoid at a casino.

Slot Machines

This may come as a surprise to a lot of gamblers because slot machines are arguably the most popular form of gambling for millions across the world. However, the truth is playing slot machines is a terrible way to gamble. It is undoubtedly a game that is really fun to play. The problem with slot machines is that it has the most opaque odds of any game. The house edge could be anywhere from 5% to 50%, and you will never be able to know what the house edge is.

The return-to-player numbers are anywhere from 40 to 85% but definitely not more than that.

Another major disadvantage of slot games is that you need to put in more cash after each round if you lose, and this happens quite a lot per hour. So before you even realise it, you might have spent over a thousand dollars on a single game which probably had a house edge greater than 50%.

Slot Machines


Roulette games are usually available with either 37 spaces or 38 spaces. The 38 space game, sometimes referred to as American roulette, has a return-to-player percentage of 94.74%.

This is the primary reason why you should not play American roulette. Any game with an edge greater than or equal to five per cent is simply not worth the money and does not deserve to be played. The second reason to avoid roulette is that there are better versions of roulette available. Any roulette game that uses 37 spaces offers a better return-to-player percentage. Thirty-seven space roulette tables which use European rules have a return-to-player percentage close to 97.3%, and the games that use French rules return 98.65% on some wagers.


3 Card Poker

It can be argued that 3 Card Poker is the most popular game outside of the casino staples that have been out and about forever, like baccarat, craps and roulette. The return-to-player isn’t as bad as games like keno or lotteries, with a return-to-player percentage of 94 to 95% but as mentioned earlier, any game with a house edge of over 5% is definitely one to avoid. The problem with this game is that most players playing 3 Card Poker also make the pair plus wager and this is a terrible wager. The return on the pair plus wager is just 92.72%, which makes it worse than some slot machines, and almost all the other games at the casino.

3 Casino Games You Should Avoid
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