Shouldn’t Exist Games

There are many games at the casino that have too high a house edge that you simply do not have a chance at winning. There is always a little chance, sure, but it is never based on strategy and wholly based on luck. In fact, they are so bad that people shouldn’t even play these games. They shouldn’t even exist, to begin with! So here are three games that are really bad money.

Lottery Games

The house edge or return to player percentages are the best ways to compare which gambling activities need to be avoided and which are suitable for the player. These two are on opposite sides of the same coin, so they essentially mean the same thing. The lottery has the lowest return to player percentage and the highest house edge of all gambling activities ever. The edge starts at 50% and can increase to as high as 75% or more. These numbers are so bad that you should never buy more than one lottery ticket because it simply isn’t worth the money. So is there a positive side to this? Of course, there is: the payback, if you ever win, is worth millions of dollars. Almost 99.9999% of all lottery tickets do not win. It is okay to bet on lotteries only if you have enough money, a good money management strategy and a sound mind to stop after a few tickets.


Keno Games

Keno isn’t worse than most lottery games, but it does not mean it isn’t bad. The game comes in different variations, and the amount won varies from casino to casino: but on average the return to player is around 75% meaning that the house edge for a typical keno game is around 25%. Yes, it does seem like a better bet than the lottery, and it arguably is, but when you compare it to other games at the casino, it is still a terrible bet. Just like the lottery, it is possible to play keno for cheap. Most keno games have a starting price as low as one dollar for a ticket. However, unlike the lottery, the top prize for keno is rarely over 100,000 dollars, with some keno games having much smaller top prizes. It is a game that should be erased from your brain and simply act like the game does not exist.

Keno Games


Bingo players are mostly not big casino game players. The people who play bingo simply do so to have a lot of fun, and even though they may not be winning, they might be getting enough entertainment value out of it that it makes it worth playing to them. The house edge and return to player numbers vary a great deal with respect to the type of bingo game. The best numbers are around a 90% return, and the worst is close to keno.

3 Casino Games That Are So Bad They Shouldn’t Exist
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