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As you know, casinos from all around the world, have been a fantastic source of a lot of interesting legends, myths and stories. The stories or sometimes too good to be true. Some of them are not even fathomable. There are some tales that would mean that a person has had tremendous luck. So much luck that it translates to almost $39 million. There are some absurd things about casino gambling and one of those things is that I heard that people make use of adult diapers to keep a hot streak going.

Yes, people actually make use of adult diapers because they do not want to step out of the chair to use the restroom. This definitely translate to some pathetic and disgusting personal hygiene choices. Some of these facts are really interesting and some of them will definitely disgust you.

Gambling has the amazing allure of a huge potential win. That is why, people invest so much of the time and money into gambling activities. Gamblers in Japan are actually forced to exploit a huge and very legal loophole to gamble. Gamblers in Monaco are actually not allowed to gamble, if they are Monaco citizens. Locals are forbidden from playing in the casinos of Monaco.

As you know, in the United States of America, Las Vegas has been the supreme when it comes to gambling activities.

The founder of FedEx actually saved the entire company by gambling. Here is a very inspiring story. The company only had $5000 in the year 1973 and the founder of FedEx actually decided to raise all of it and flew to Las Vegas. He gambled the $5000 and ended up winning $27,000 in a game of black Jack. This saved the entire company.


Did you know that if you had a potential gambling problem and even if you recognise it, you can ban yourself from a casino, no matter where you are? You can actually instruct the casino to ban you from entering for how long you want. The period can be five years, 20 years or it can be a life time ban. You should make sure that you’re absolutely certain of banning yourself, because this is not something that can be overturned.

Some gambling addicts have actually been known to get too excited and even soil themselves when they were on the casino floor. They are so into the game that they will not even be able to control themselves.

The sandwich was actually invented in a casino. A player had instructed a chef to get him some food which he could eat with just one hand. That is why, the chef got him a sandwich and that’s how it was invented.

Crazy Casino Stories
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